Evansville, IN Private Money Loans

Situated on the Ohio River, Evansville is the industrial, agricultural, retail, and transportation center for the tri-state region of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. It is the state’s third-most populous city after Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, with a population of 117,429 (2010 census).

Opportunities for investment abound here! The city is situated in the heart of rich coal fields; major corporations have established regional operations and corporate headquarters here; a fertile farming region, part of the Midwest agricultural belt, surrounds Evansville; and the retail/wholesale trade areas rank second in size in the state.

This is where Proactive Lending Group comes into play. Our team of experts can help you decide which type of financing is best for your investment plans, including a possible private money loan. Also known as hard money loans, these debt instruments are short-term loan products with flexible terms. Plus, private money loans do not have the same stringent requirements as traditional commercial real estate financing. Contact our office today to discuss Evansville private money loan options available through Proactive Lending.

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