Fort Wayne SBA Loans

As the second-largest city in Indiana, with a population of 253,691 (2010 census), Fort Wayne’s downtown revitalization efforts are beginning to net economic growth in a diverse number of industries — from defense to fashion design!

Starting or expanding a business at this time in Fort Wayne could be terrific timing! However, before you leap, make it a point to check out all your funding options with Proactive Lending. We will guide you step by step through all the funding choices and qualifications needed, including a possible SBA loan. SBA loans appeal to lenders because they are guaranteed by the United States Government’s Small Business Administration — the lender only has to guarantee a small portion of the loan while the government handles the rest.

Proactive Lending’s experts are here to provide financing for people pursuing their dreams – both for established as well as fledgling business, too! Pick up the phone and give us a call to learn more about the many advantages of SBA loans.

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