Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Program:

In business for over a decade, Pro-Active Lending specializes in finding the right lending solutions for every borrower’s unique situation. Pro-Active Lending is very selective about lenders and other sources of capital, which always benefits our customers. We live up to our name by taking a very proactive, vigilant approach to meeting our customer’s needs with the best possible financing options.

Pro-Active Lending can offer loans of up to 80% of the Loan-to-Value on the right property, and for the right price. Our Hard Money Loans have terms ranging from 6 months to 30 years, and our rates are between 7.5% and 11.95%. We offer renovation and construction loans as well, and brokers we work with are fully protected and motivated by incentives. Pro-Active Lending specializes in finding real, effective solutions for distressed borrowers and properties (Rehab Loans).

Please take a moment to fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit your contact information so one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff members can discuss our Hard Money Loan programs with you. Whether you are a broker or a borrower in need of a Hard Money Loan, we can help you determine all the options and solutions available to you.

Soft Money Program:

These are the loans that the banks wanted to do but the tax returns did not show enough income, or other weak reasons they may have given you before they turned down your loan.
It’s not all their fault! Use our program to complete your loan and return to your bank after the first year.  At that time your property will have stabilized and the bank will welcome the opportunity to refinance your loan.
Here are our Rates, Terms and Programs:

  • Stated  Income ( No Tax returns Required) and Full Documentation Loans for your almost Bankable Loan.
  • Rate from 7.5% Available Fixed and long terms
  • 30 year terms/ 8 to 30 year Fixed rates available
  • 75% LTV (80% CLTV)
  • Investment SFR, Condo & 2-4 Units
  • Multi- Family, Mixed- Use, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Self- Storage, Auto Service etc…
  • Loan Amount From 25K to 5 Million

Fix & Flip Program:

Here are our Rates, Terms and Programs:

  • Up to 80% after Repair Value (purchase price + renovation budget combined) the lesser of the two.
  • 6-12 months terms with Extensions Options
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Rates from 9.9%-12%, interest only available

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