With a population of almost 900,000 people and being the capital of the Hoosier State, there’s no question Indianapolis is one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the midwest. Indianapolis is a true modern metropolis with primary industries being real estate, finance, manufacturing, insurance, as well as professional services.

Since real estate is such an integral part of the Indianapolis economy, which produces a gross domestic product of about $135 billion, there’s an ongoing demand for commercial and residential property lending.

This is where Proactive Lending Group comes into play. Our team is here to offer professional services, offering several types of financing, including private money loans. Also known as hard money loans, these debt instruments are short-term loan products with flexible terms. Plus, private money loans do not have the same stringent requirements as traditional commercial real estate financing. When it comes to finding the best source for private money loans, Proactive Lending Group is the right choice.