The city of Indianapolis is one great place to call home. It’s also a location which has no shortage of economic opportunity for real estate investors. With a population of more than 860,000 residents and a gross domestic product of over $134,000 billion, housing here plays a vital role in the microeconomy.

Anyone wishing to invest in residential real estate, be it for a primary residence or for an income producing property, should strongly consider all their financing options. Sure, there are many standard financing options but one other can really provide the best route — rehabilitation loans.

Rehab loans, also known as 203(k) loans (and by other names, as well), offer an affordable solution for properties needing remodeling. Rehab loans are a great alternative to traditional financing, which often doesn’t provide the necessary funds to satisfactorily rebuild a property. For more information about rehab loans and their benefits, get in touch with Proactive Lending Group today.