Land loans in Indianapolis, like in many other cities around the country, are somewhat hard to find. This is due to the fact that traditional lenders assign greater risk to this type of purchase because it does not feature improvements. Improvements, in the commercial and residential lending world, mean infrastructure, buildings, systems, and components.

Land loans in Indianapolis can be found with Proactive Lending Group. We are among the few funding sources for such financing. Since land loans aren’t as nearly as plentiful or available as traditional commercial and residential loans, it’s our pleasure to offer these products.

Indianapolis is a great location and with little land left to develop, makes for a strategic investment opportunity. Being the sixteenth largest city in the nation, with a population of about 860,000 and a gross domestic product of approximately $134 billion, Indianapolis is a prime location to develop land. Give us a call to learn more about land loans and other financing products today.