South Bend, IN Private Money Loans

Fourth-largest city in Indiana with a population of 102,000, South Bend serves as the economic and cultural hub of Northern Indiana. Located in the extreme north of the state (only 5 miles from the Michigan border), South Bend’s affordable cost of living ranks it among the top desirable places to live in the nation!

Currently, the largest industries in South Bend are health care, education, small business, and tourism. However, with an eye to the future, South Bend is also one of 10 worldwide cities “reinventing themselves through technology.” (Smart+Connected Communities Institute). This past industrial giant is working hard to attract many who want to invest in a booming tech community …

… and this is where Proactive Lending Group comes into play. Our team of experts can help you decide which type of financing is best for your investment plans, including a possible private money loan. Also known as hard money loans, these debt instruments are short-term loan products with flexible terms. Also, private money loans do not have the same stringent requirements as traditional commercial real estate financing. Give us a call or stop by today to discuss South Bend private money loan options available through Proactive Lending.

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